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A brilliantly crafted, wonderful manga... about manga! Never a dull chapter as...
Liar Game
For those of you who liked Death Note and feel like reading something similar, I'd...
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
The main reason I love this manga is due to Miwa Shirow's superb artwork. The lines...
3.3.7 Byooshi
The series was a surprisingly good read. Though somewhat episodic in plot, I enjoyed...
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Kangoku Gakuen
Everything about the story line the characters its amazing. Only after the last chapter 329 it stopped for a while, I hope...
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Love it, and the anime to is kind of interesting and time fly's reading or watching this story
Threads of Time
The main character of this story is dumb. All of his problems could've been avoided if he wasn't selfish. He hides from problems...
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
This was an awesome read, simply amazing. The story, characters, style, and story really keep a good pace that keeps you...
Fairy Tail Zero
This series tells the stories of how Fairy Tail is formed and gives us an idea of how the guild came to be!
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